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Public Relations

About Public Relations

Our medical Profession is considered worldwide as the toughest profession. Like in mathematics, in medicine “2+2 need not be always 4”. Despite having taken all precautions and doing the best for the patient, the outcome may be abnormal due to various factors. This is picked up by the media and instantly projected as a botched up surgery or even gets extrapolated as the so called Eye Bazar or Eye Business.

This causes considerable strain on the psyche of the surgeon. In any such situation while the Surgeon does take collective responsibility, the media should equally exercise restraint and ascertain facts from other professionals before reporting. To fill up this need I would like to form an Adhoc PR Committee to whom the media and the public can approach to get technical details before reporting. Alternately, a member can also approach this committee for help in situations howsoever possible under the circumstances. However this committee shall have no role in mediating issues amongst its members on a personal level.