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President's Vision

TOS Presidents’ Vision 2016-19 – A 3 year Mission.

Manoj Chandra Mathur

KB Nandkishore

Madhukar K Reddy

The Telangana Ophthalmological Society came into existence officially last year. The founder President Dr Harikishan and other members of the Executive committee gave suggestions for the future of our society. These would be amalgamated with our own Vision and we shall aim for some concrete actions during the three year tenure this year onwards. We shall achieve this through a few Advisory Adhoc sub committees with a time bound action plan. We would like to solicit cooperation from all members in this endeavor. This mission shall begin now and each year a revision made by the respective president for that year.


With all formalities of Registration of the Society being completed, we have now distributed the Life member and Non Resident Life member certificates and ID Cards to all members. The Nonresident LM certificates were well appreciated by most members and this resulted in developing bonhomie with all. The strength of any society is related to the number of members. In order to expand the membership of our society, we have appointed a Membership sub - committee to enroll members from the remote areas of our state. Dr C Sharat Babu, Past President has kindly consented to take-up this responsibility and also nominates a few members.

Headquarter's for TOS:

In order to have a permanent address for our society I submitted a representation to the Superintendent SDEH to explore the possibility of getting a suitable premise within Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital on Long-term Lease from the Government to set up our office and a meeting room for our Executive Committee. Dr V Rajalingam is assisting us in following up with this issue and we are awaiting a confirmatory response from the authorities.

TOS Website

Efforts shall be made to upgrade the website of the society to make it more interactive and act as a one site resource centre for

  • Online membership and payment
  • Abstract Submissions on a continual basis.
  • Future conference registrations, including payment.
  • A SBI Collect payment portal to be incorporated for the aforesaid purpose.
  • A page can be provided to each member to upload their profile.

This new website is maintained by Kakatiya Solutions and all objectives shall be met in due course

District Chapters:

One of the important aims and objects of the society is to develop camaraderie among its members. Apart from the daily professional routine, our members need to develop social interactions along with families. They should be regularly meeting atleast once a quarter at District level. Of all the newly reconstituted districts, only about 4 have a functioning District Chapter. It shall be our endeavor to personally visit the underserved districts and encourage them to constitute district Chapters under TOS. In order to achieve this objective, the first step is to arrange a list of members’ district wise. Request the Secretary to get this done ASAP.


The Family Benefit Scheme of the erstwhile APOS is rechristened as Ophthalmologist’s Family Welfare Society. TOS shall extend all support for this Society which aims to promote its social Aims and Objects. The new secretariat has started functioning at Warangal and we wish its EC all the very Best.

Career Guidance for YO's:

Every year our state produces around one hundred new Ophthalmologists. While it is outside the purview of our Society to interfere with the academic curriculum, it is certainly our responsibility to give proper guidance to these Young Ophthalmologists’ about their future career. They should be aware about the pros and cons of practices in government and private institutions and personal clinic setups. For this purpose, we have constituted a Career Guidance Sub-committee. This committee shall organise career guidance sessions as part of the CME activities of the ARC. Additionally this Committee shall also be guiding youngsters who approach them personally. We have appointed Dr GVBK Gangadhar Reddy to Chair this Committee and Chairman ARC to assist. We thank them for taking up this responsibility.

Hands on Training for YO's:

Ophthalmology has made rapid advances over the last two decades in Diagnostics. All medical colleges may not be having this advanced equipment/s. Apart from a few premier institutes in our state who cater to this need at a national level; the majority is deprived of this exposure. We would like to coordinate and request Eye centre’s in the private sector in our state to permit these young professionals to get a hands on training for 2 weeks. The list of centre’s offering this exposure shall be listed on the website and interested youngsters can apply through TOS for these training slots. For this purpose a Hands on Training Committee has been constituted. We requested Dr Vidyavati M to Chair this Committee with the coordination helps from the Chairman ARC and she has kindly consented for the same.

Ophthalmic Diagnostic Centres:

We would like to encourage formation of Ophthalmic Diagnostic and Laser Centre’s on a Cooperative basis at each District headquarter for the benefit of practicing doctors, who are also stake holders as also the community at large. These centre’s can be managed by trained YO’s.

Scientific Temper:

The relevance of any scientific body depends upon the quality of scientific deliberations among its members, as also its activities on the administrative front. To encourage the members to continuously strive for academic and administrative Excellence, we would like to propose constitution of "TOS Achievement Awards". Members who attain adequate cumulative credits for their contribution for a minimum of three years shall be awarded with a Medal and a certificate. The credits shall be counted from our First TOSC and the first awards can roll out from the Fourth TOSC, subject to the terms of these awards. This has been approved by the EC and details are being tabulated.

TOS Today:

The official publication of our society, TOS Today needs to be indexed for the benefit of our members. All efforts shall be made to get it indexed during this year.

Public Relations:

Our medical Profession is considered worldwide as the toughest profession. Like in mathematics, in medicine “2+2 need not be always 4”. Despite having taken all precautions and doing the best for the patient, the outcome may be abnormal due to various factors. This is picked up by the media and instantly projected as a botched up surgery or even gets extrapolated as the so called Eye Bazar or Eye Business. This causes considerable strain on the psyche of the surgeon. In any such situation while the Surgeon does take collective responsibility, the media should equally exercise restraint and ascertain facts from other professionals before reporting. To fill up this need I would like to form a PR Committee to whom the media and the public can approach to get technical details before reporting. An additional role that is proposed for this subcommittee shall be to represent and coordinate with the diverse State Government agencies in framing suitable policies for the benefit of the majority of the members including those working in remote areas.

The following have been given this vital responsibility and we thank them for this.

  • Superintendent SDEH as Convener
  • Dr Pradeep Swarup
  • Dr Vishwanath and Dr RaviKumar Reddy
  • As members of the PR Committee of TOS.

Elimination of Quackery:

We shall form a Vigilance Committee to liaise with the official agencies to eliminate the menace of Quackery. I would like to request all our members to bring relevant info to the notice of this committee who shall forward it to the concerned agencies for further action. We thank Dr G Harikishan for accepting to chair this committee with assistance of Dr Sree Kumar as Coordinator.

We would like to solicit blessings from all seniors, Constructive cooperation from our colleagues and best wishes from all friends in discharging our duties as the President/s for the year 2016-19. Our endeavor shall be to be in Real time touch with all TOS members through various social media options.

Together we shall make it happen.

Jai TOS, Jai Hind