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Hands on Training

Hands on Training for Young Ophthalmologists

Chair : Dr M Vidyavati : 9849790646

Convener: Chairman ARC Dr V Rajalingam : 8374954545

Ophthalmology has made rapid advances over the last two decades in Diagnostics. All medical colleges may not be having this advanced equipment/s. Apart from a few premier institutes in our state who cater to this need at a national level; the majority is deprived of this exposure. Some prominent Eye centres’ in the private sector in our state have consented to permit these young professionals to get a hands on training for 2 weeks.

The list of centre's offering this training as of now are:

  • Swarup Eye Centre Hyderabad
  • Medivision Eye care Centre Hyderabad
  • Pushpagiri Eye Institute Hyderabad
  • Drishti Eye Centre Hyderabad
  • Dr Harikishen Eye Hospital Karimnagar
  • Dr Sharat's Laser Eye Hospital Hanamakonda Warangal

Interested youngsters can apply through TOS for these training slots. Please contact the Chair or Convener for details